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Strand, London, England, WC2R 1LA

The point of zero by Holmes Studio A place for ideas that sit outside our day to day projects – explorations, whims and obsessions that will have an output here and in the physical world. We work together with other creative folk to make something interesting to share, inspired by what’s around us.

Our products/services

We make Posters, tea towels, postcards and bags. Designed by ourselves or in collaboration with other creative folk to make something interesting to share, inspired by what’s around us.


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Story and ethos

Holmes Studio was founded to collaborate and innovate through design. We are storytellers, making work that we value and love. The point of zero by Holmes Studio, here we strive to strike a balance between commercial design and ‘A place to play’. We collaborate with clients, partners and other designers to share our passion for creativity.

We define and relate rich and layered stories that enhance our shared experiences of the world. We imagine with depth and insight to interpret and elevate the perspectives of our work. We design with honesty and integrity, collaborating on outcomes that bring value and joy to all our lives. We work with integrity and conviction to promote inclusion, wellbeing and community. We aim to enable an emotional connection to content through honest and accessible design.

We are a design studio committed to both the UK and global design community. We delight in engagement and collaboration in all we do within the design community and beyond. We are proud to have defined our intention to become a ‘B-Corp’, to build an inclusive and sustainable design culture at Holmes Studio. While contributing to the DBA, we endeavour to cultivate a thoughtful, outward looking studio which leads by example to define the future of design. We have submitted our application to become a Certified B Corporation. Becoming a B-Corporation is an ongoing learning process and as a studio we are striving to rise to this challenge. We believe passionately in the B-Corp values of social and environmental responsibility, public transparency and legal accountability, to balance profit and purpose.


Creative and fun

Rated 5 out of 5
6 March 2023

Great conceptual designs for the home. Love the birdsong sound chart.


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